Psychology in Action 12th Ed By Karen Huffman

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Categories : Psychology
Year : 2017
Edition : 12
Publisher : Wiley
Language: English
Pages : 721
ISBN 10 : 1119364639
ISBN 13 : 9781119364634
File : PDF, 34.08 MB
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Psychology in Action 12th Ed By Karen Huffman

Psychology in Action, 12e is a comprehensive introductory Psychology product that fosters active learning and provides a wealth of tools that empower students to master and make connections between the key concepts. Students will leave the classroom with a solid foundation in basic psychology that will serve them in their daily lives no matter what their chosen field of study and career path.

The up and coming age of DigitalBestBuyTechnologie gives you the opportunity and adaptability to tailor your early on brain research content and effectively deal with your course so as to keep understudies drew in and on target. Brain science in real life is accessible in the new WileyPLUS stage, offering understudies an abundance of apparatuses that will engage them to ace and make associations between the key ideas of the course. Rich media content, including new intelligent illustrations, instructional exercise activitys, recordings, and virtual field trips, is incorporated at the learning target level giving understudies a make and connecting way through the material.


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