How to create the perfect business (collection Of 3 Volume Ebooks)

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Within this collection you will find the following titles:

The Business Brains
The Manual For Moving On
The Perfect Partner

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How to create the perfect business plan and save years of frustration

The Business Brains

1. Create a vision. Before you get lost in details, start out with a vision or a mission statement. A mission statement should include values and a future view of your business.

2. Make an executive summary. Executive summary summarizes the whole business plan. Executive summary is necessary, as it is important to gain the interest of the viewers to continue looking at your whole business plan.

3. Include a description of your targeted market and services. This is essential to allow viewers to get a clear picture of what you are trying to sell or service. State it clearly in your business plan.

The Manual For Moving On

Breakups may be harsh, and they may be amicable; regardless what, no one truly wants to go through them. The loss of your relationship may bring on acute heartache. However if you’re looking for a little help getting through it and want a few suggestions about how to make it a bit easier, read on…

The Perfect Partner

However because of the many challenges in life this may often be quite difficult to focus on enjoying the marriage relationship without some conscious practices that will help keep both parties focused on the good elements within the relationship rather than on its negativity.



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